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Barakat Orthodontics Patient Reviews

Over the years we have been fortunate to treat friends and families of our patients.

In fact, we have treated multiple generations of families, including children, parents and grandparents!

Even though Dr. Barakat has been honored to have been selected to treat dentists, their spouses, children, hygienists and assistants during her career, her most important patient is you.

At Barakat Orthodontics, our highest compliment is your referral. On behalf of the entire Barakat Orthodontics Team, we would like to extend a big Thanks to our family of patients who have supported us over the years. We strive to continue to provide the highest level of orthodontic care. 703 433-9330

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"I would like to thanks Dr. Barakat and her staff for working hard at making people smile. The staff here at barakat orthodontics work so hard to fix people’s smiles. I don’t know how people in this county could have a fixed smile without these wonderful people. I would like to thank them for all they have done for us."

Review Verified on 11/8/2017
"5plusSTARS-Dr Barakat & Staff are wonderful-warm, inviting and very personable!"

Review Verified on 11/2/2017
"Thank you Dr barakat your owesome person. I love you so much . Thank you for making my teeth so beautiful♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️"

Review Verified on 10/26/2017
"It was an amazing experience filled with great joy the place is wonderful"

Review Verified on 10/26/2017
"My whole experience at barakat orthodontics was amazing!! The entire staff is so nice and welcoming. My smile turned out great and I couldn’t be happier :))"

Review Verified on 10/25/2017
"My experience at Barakat Orthodontics was great! The process of getting braces and visiting every six weeks went very smoothly; when I finally got my braces off it was quick and painless! This place is great!!"

Review Verified on 10/25/2017
"Everyone is really nice, and it’s just a very comforting place."

Review Verified on 10/9/2017
"I was always happy to go and happy to leave they were always in a good mood and I love the color of the office and the games they play it makes it fun and Home like THANK YOU SO MUCH MS.Barakat"

Review Verified on 10/5/2017
"I love my teeth! I moved and Dr Barakat did such a great job! I sent pictures and she communicated so well. Im so happy with my teeth! Thank you :)"

Review Verified on 10/2/2017
"I've been coming here for almost 4, and everything about it is great. Everyone is nice and takes great care of the patients."

Review Verified on 9/6/2017
"Very nice staff everyone is super encouraging and helped me through my braces couldn't have done it without them"

Review Verified on 8/31/2017
"Had a great experience here getting my braces! The environment was friendly, and Barakat worked to make the process as easy and fast as possible."

Review Verified on 8/28/2017
"I just got my braces off today and i had a great time the whole way. They tried to help me get them off as soon as possible! They are always ready to help you at anytime and everyone who works there is very nice and always helps you out on any circumstances."

Review Verified on 8/22/2017
"The entire staff was great and Dr Barakat did an awesome job! I love my new smile!"

Review Verified on 8/21/2017
"Barakat Orthodontics has such a warm and welcoming environment! Right as you walk in you are greeted with bright smiles. The staff is amazing and really friendly! They did wonders on me and my siblings teeth!! I would definitely recommend coming here for all of your orthodontics needs!!!!!"

Review Verified on 8/7/2017
"I love my teeth Dr. Barakat and staff did a great job"

Review Verified on 7/26/2017
"This is a great place to get your braces"

Review Verified on 7/24/2017
"My teeth look really straight and I'm satisfied"

Review Verified on 6/29/2017
"I liked how friendly the building was. It was very neat and organized. Dr. Barakat was very nice. When I saw my teeth for the first time without braces, I was very happy."

Review Verified on 6/22/2017
"Barakat orthodontics did an amazing job with my smile! Every time I walked into in an appointment I felt welcome and knew they were doing their best for me."

Review Verified on 6/19/2017
"The people here are super nice and welcoming! They really made me feel that my teeth would end up looking amazing and they actually did!"

Review Verified on 6/19/2017
"Barakat orthodontics right from the start made me and my family feel comfortable and helped the process with me and my brother of getting a smile we love so easy and awesome. I have never been more confident to smile now, i'll never want to stop!"

Review Verified on 6/15/2017
"I thought everything here was amazing! Everyone that works here is so friendly and nice."

Review Verified on 6/14/2017
"Both kids got braces here, one way more intricate than the other and the results for both were wonderful!!"

Review Verified on 6/10/2017
"Barakat Orthodontics is very welcoming and they care about you and your growth. They make sure you are doing well and are always on time and wanting to help."

Review Verified on 6/8/2017
"I loved my expirience here. They really try to make sure everything is good and really work with you to make sure your teeth look the best. My braces were perfect didn't hurt much and I love how my teeth look now. Thanks"

Review Verified on 5/31/2017
"We love dr Barakat! She did a great job fixing my smile and does it very professionally and quickly."

Review Verified on 5/30/2017
"Thank you very much!"

Review Verified on 5/24/2017
"My teeth look great and they are really good about helping you and reminding you with what to do and are very nice. There's a great welcome and are very considerate when there are operations and they did a great job on my teeth!"

Review Verified on 5/24/2017
"AMAZING!!!! Can't say enough wonderful things about how fantastic Dr. Barakat and All her staff are!!! From the office setting, the first phone call, detailed consult and appointment! The atmosphere is so inviting and they did such a fantastic job explaining in details the process to me and my daughter! They offer fun incentives that has my daughter excited about every appointment and they do such a fantastic job! Thank you Dr. Barakat and staff... I will recommend you to everyone I know!!!"

Review Verified on 5/18/2017
"My teeth are great. Everyone's really nice."

Review Verified on 5/15/2017
"I had a really good experience here at Barakat Orthodontics!! I had braces for two years and they really paid off!!"

Review Verified on 3/13/2017
"Barakat is excellent."

Review Verified on 2/27/2017
"Dr. Barakat is so amazing and I couldn't imagine having a different orthodontist. She is kind, caring, and treats everybody like family."

Review Verified on 2/8/2017
"I'm always excited to go to my orthodontist appointments because doctor Barakat is so nice"

Review Verified on 1/25/2017
"Helped me get my teeth fixed!"

Review Verified on 1/18/2017
"So much fun! Starbucks, selfie walls, contest and Snapchat filters make coming to Dr. Barakat's office fun. The staff is so nice."

Review Verified on 1/16/2017
"Thank you, amazing work! My teeth look amazing!"

Review Verified on 1/4/2017
"Dr. Barakat and her staff are amazing! I had a great experience and I am more than happy with the results. Thank you so much guys!!"

Review Verified on 12/15/2016
"I love their office. Everyone is very nice and knows what their doing. Their office is always at a time of season wear the would but up decorations or even have contests though out the office. It is very cool and I am glad that I got my braces here."

Review Verified on 12/15/2016
"Barakat orthodontics has a good environment and are all nice! I love how my teeth turned out! Definitely recommend barakat orthodontics!"

Review Verified on 12/14/2016
"My son had braces at Barakat Othodontics. I love the final results. Dr Barakat and her staff are very friendly. Highly recommended."

Review Verified on 12/13/2016
Reviews 169 - 210 of 576

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