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Barakat Orthodontics Patient Reviews

Over the years we have been fortunate to treat friends and families of our patients.

In fact, we have treated multiple generations of families, including children, parents and grandparents!

Even though Dr. Barakat has been honored to have been selected to treat dentists, their spouses, children, hygienists and assistants during her career, her most important patient is you.

At Barakat Orthodontics, our highest compliment is your referral. On behalf of the entire Barakat Orthodontics Team, we would like to extend a big Thanks to our family of patients who have supported us over the years. We strive to continue to provide the highest level of orthodontic care. 703 433-9330

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"I truly do love Barakat orthodontics! Everyone there is so friendly and kind. My teeth look amazing thanks to Dr. Barakat and to everyone who works there! I used to hate going to the Orthodontist when I went to My old doctor, but now that I come to Dr. Barakat, I love coming every month!"

Review Verified on 11/12/2014
"Thank you guys so much! My teeth are in good shape I really love all your enthusiasm it really makes my feel like I am at home. Thanks again!"

Review Verified on 11/10/2014
"It was great and I love it and made a big difference. I am glad that I finally did it. The bite,the look,and my smile all look great. Dr. Barakat and her entire team were excellent at taking care of me."

Review Verified on 11/6/2014
"I started when my teeth were all messed up. Now, they look much better. At the orthodontist, they were so nice and helpful. They told me everything I needed to know to get through the braces. If I had braces all over again, I would definitely come here again!"

Review Verified on 11/4/2014
"I came in as a little kid with a messy smile. There was lots of work to do with my smile! At first, I was sad that I would need a lot of work. But considering how much I needed to fix my teeth, it all happened so quickly, nicely, and easily. When there was a problem, or my mouth hurt, I could always rely on Dr. Barakat and her team to help me fix the problem and help me feel better. I went through an expander, retainer, braces, a crossbow, and then MORE braces. Through out it all, I have come to find this is like my second home! Everyone is SUPER nice, and there are TONS of fun activities to take part in. I love the office! It is nice and welcoming, and not scary like a doctor's office. I hope I can work here when I'm older and help kids fix their smiles to! I think that Barakat Orthodontics is the perfect place to get a perfect smile! ( I have now added being an orthodontist to my "fun future jobs" list!)"

Review Verified on 10/29/2014
"We have had a great experience at Barakat Orthodontics! Timothy was our third child with braces with Dr. Barakat and each experience has been very positive. The office staff is very friendly and attentive all the details and the kids always felt comfortable during treatment with Dr Barakat ! They all have beautiful smiles!!!! Thanks so much!"

Review Verified on 10/29/2014
"I am thankful that my Dental doctor recommended me to go Dr.Barakat , without all the people that helped I wouldn't have a wonderful smile.Thank you so much guys ,you guys did so much for me.Thank you for the effort .You guys worked really hard. On my teeth and I'm so Happy now! That I took off my braces ,Dr.Barakat did a spectacular job.Thanks again -Anahi"

Review Verified on 10/23/2014
"Amazing customer service, also really nice."

Review Verified on 10/20/2014
"Everyone was very nice and helpful."

Review Verified on 10/20/2014
"I love Barakat ortho they did such an amazing job on my teeth! On top of all of that the staff is super nice!"

Review Verified on 10/16/2014
"The Barakat team is amazing! Everyone is so friendly. I would recommend them to everyone."

Review Verified on 10/16/2014
"I'm not a young one, as a matter of fact....I'm a "senior." YIKES! So why would I ever, at this stage of my life, get braces???? Seeing an add in the Loudoun paper for Dr. Barakat, I decided to inquire about invisalign. I did it and it's the best thing I've ever done for myself. I couldn't be more pleased with the end results. However, there is a down side to the completion, I will not need to return to Dr. Barakats office. Simply, Dr. Barakat and her complete staff were simply wonderful, and I will miss them all. A gold star to all! Thanks for everything!"

Review Verified on 9/24/2014
"I wasn't comfortable with the gap I had in between my two upper front teeth, so Dr. Barakat offered different treatment options to fix my problem. I opted for Invisalign since it best fit my personality and day to day activities as an adult. After several of months of coming in for regular visits, I can only say that I will miss Dr. Barakat and her friendly and attentive staff. They are all awesome! I am very happy with the results and new smile :)"

Review Verified on 9/17/2014
"I like Barakat Orthodontics, the staff is friendly, and it makes the visit worth it. I also like the incentive to make one look forward to future visits with their patented tokens (which grants you sweet prizes). Also the waiting room is filled with magazines, gaming systems, and not to mention an awesome coffee machine! But regardless I have enjoyed my times in Barakat Orthodontics."

Review Verified on 9/15/2014
"I enjoyed having my teeth worked on at Barakat Orthodontics. The staff was always very kind and professional. I would recommend them for any orthodontic services you might need. Very pleased overall! :)"

Review Verified on 9/15/2014
"We love Dr. Barakat and her entire staff!!! They are always on time and we never have to wait. You can tell everyone enjoys what they do because everyone that works here is always so helpful and friendly. We would never go anywhere else!"

Review Verified on 8/21/2014
"We came to Barakat Orthodontics on a recommendation from a previous patient. Everything we were told was completely true! We found the doctor and staff extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Appointments were easy to schedule around school and sports. They were encouraging and offer many incentives to my daughter to help her through the process. We would definitely recommend Dr. Barakat for orthodontics!"

Review Verified on 8/6/2014
"I was never happy with my smile but after I met Dr. Barakat, I can say it was a big change in my life. I'm so satisfied with my smile that words can't explain. Thank you so much Dr. Barakat!"

Review Verified on 8/6/2014
"Barakat Orthodontics is a great place. They made the process of getting braces really fun. They have cool prizes and contests. And they just made the overall process enjoyable."

Review Verified on 7/31/2014
"I first got my braces I was excited and scared but every one at the orthodontics was really nice, it hurt so much but it was still great and all of the assistants here are super nice.Dr. Barakat is cool. -Emmy"

Review Verified on 7/30/2014
"My daughter just got her braces off today and she and her teeth are gorgeous and excellent! Dr. Barakat and her Orthodontics team are amazing professionals and they are a caring team. We highly recommend them and are very happy with her beautiful smile!"

Review Verified on 7/30/2014
"All the people here are nice and handle my teeth and braces well. I like the Barakat Bucks system and the way I can feel at home here"

Review Verified on 7/30/2014
"I came to Barakat orthodontics for braces to straighten up my smile. I had one crooked bottom tooth that was bugging me and by the end (which was only 11 month of having braces!) my teeth are stunning! Including that one bottom tooth! Thanks you so much!! I'm not going to be able to stop smiling!!:D"

Review Verified on 7/24/2014
"The start of the process was very slow and painful, but as I went on, it got a lot easier. Dr. Barakat made sure that I knew what was happening at all times, and that I was okay with everything before she proceeded. I enjoyed working for the years I did here, and I might be a little sad I won't be coming in as often. One thing is for sure though, I will NOT miss those braces! Thank you for everything!"

Review Verified on 7/23/2014
"Thank you so much for helping me make my teeth look amazing. You are the best and I hope nick and Sam feel the same. Thanks again. :)"

Review Verified on 7/16/2014
"We love Dr. Barakat! She is a great orthodontics doctor. Also her staff is super nice and always very helpful."

Review Verified on 7/16/2014
"I think you are all awesome! You have taken care of both of my boys and we could not be more pleased with the results! Thank you so much!"

Review Verified on 7/16/2014
"I've been going to Dr. Barakat ever since I was little. My teeth were very crooked but now there beautiful and straight! They are all sooo nice. everyone should go to Barakat Orthodontics for braces :)"

Review Verified on 7/16/2014
"Doctor Barakat and team ROCKS. All three of my kids have been or are within her care. I too became a patient and love the results of the invisalign treatment. The team is very friendly and focused on making your smile the best it can be. I am a huge fan and recommend Dr. Barakat and team for your Orthodontic needs."

Review Verified on 6/25/2014
"The doctor and nurses there are very nice and dedicated to the patiences. They are all smiles and laughter when I come around, they always ask for my comfort and making sure I want in any pain. They are nice people and I am a happy that I came here."

Review Verified on 6/25/2014
"I've had two rounds of braces here, and the whole staff is so sweet and supportive! They're all very professional, and I'm so happy with my smile!"

Review Verified on 6/18/2014
"When I first was going to get my braces, I was so nervous. Would it hurt? How would I look? But, when I walked in, the setting was very comforting and everyone who worked here was so nice. After we took the pictures of my original smile, I went over to my chair to get my braces on. It wasn't as bad as everyone had told me. It was over before I knew it. And I actually liked my braces because of the awesome color I got to choose. I already knew this was going to be a great experience. During the process, I only had a few issues with braces poking at me, and I used so many wax packs! I found it easy to brush my teeth, but not to floss. Whenever I went back for check ups, I loved being there with the amazing staff, great work on my teeth, and getting Barakat bucks. The day I came to get my braces off, I was tingling all over inside. I was soooo excited! The part where they took the cement off felt weird, but after that, it was all better. It felt so new to not have all that metal in my mouth. It felt so empty and free. As I looked in the mirror, I saw a huge, pearly white smile. I was so happy. I am so glad I had my braces experience here at Barakat orthodontics! I love my new smile!"

Review Verified on 6/16/2014
"The team here at Barakat Orthodontics is excellent. My daughter's teeth are beautiful! Thank you for a wonderful smile!"

Review Verified on 5/28/2014
"Barakat Orthodontics is honestly great. Everyone is super nice and caring. I'm glad I came to Dr. Barakat! She is an awesome orthodontist! They made my teeth look, Perfect!"

Review Verified on 5/28/2014
"I liked changing my colors and getting Barakat bucks! It was a lot of fun to get my braces off too. Everyone who works here was so friendly and that's probably my favorite part."

Review Verified on 5/7/2014
"For starters the office is very adolescent friendly with three gaming systems in the lobby. Another great thing is how All the assistants are really great and helpful, if I had a question about my teeth I could ask and they'd give me a clear explanation. My brother also received treatment from Dr. Barakat and I know he loved the reward system with the Barakat bucks. It makes the experience of braces very easy and fun."

Review Verified on 4/30/2014
"I had a wonderful experience at Barakat Orthodontics. Everyone in the office was friendly and professional. They put up with my silly questions, but most importantly they helped through a ten month journey to realign my teeth using InvisAlign. The outcome is fantastic and would recommend them to anyone considering orthodontia."

Review Verified on 4/10/2014
"When I first came here they were so nice. They told me every thing they were doing to my braces/teeth every time I come here, and show my to put or do things to make my teeth look really nice and straight. They have fun games in the waiting room and fun mini games that they do for each holiday that we celebrate like Halloween ans St.patricks day. They have a lot of beautiful colos to put on your braces. And each day I got closer and closer to the biggest day. And now it finally came! I GOT BRACES OFF!!! :-) I'm really happy that I have them off now, but I'm still going to miss this place, I had a lot of fun here with everyone. Now I have a perfect smile to share to the world!!! Thank you :-)"

Review Verified on 4/9/2014
"Very happy with the work that has been done on my teeth!"

Review Verified on 4/3/2014
"This is an awesome orthodontics place! Every time I come here everybody is smiling and welcoming me and being very nice and energetic for our visits. This place is awesome!"

Review Verified on 4/3/2014
"I've had braces for almost 2 years, and I love coming to the office!"

Review Verified on 4/3/2014
"Dr. Barakat is amazing! My appointments were always on time and thorough. I was very impressed with their professionalism and level of care. I am very happy with my smile and would highly recommend if you are seeking a top notch orthodontist to see Dr. Barakat."

Review Verified on 4/2/2014
Reviews 421 - 462 of 576

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