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Barakat Orthodontics Patient Reviews

Over the years we have been fortunate to treat friends and families of our patients.

In fact, we have treated multiple generations of families, including children, parents and grandparents!

Even though Dr. Barakat has been honored to have been selected to treat dentists, their spouses, children, hygienists and assistants during her career, her most important patient is you.

At Barakat Orthodontics, our highest compliment is your referral. On behalf of the entire Barakat Orthodontics Team, we would like to extend a big Thanks to our family of patients who have supported us over the years. We strive to continue to provide the highest level of orthodontic care. 703 433-9330

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"This place is top notch. Dr. Barakat and her crew have always been awesome. Everyone is really nice and very helpful. Its the type of appointment you don't mind going to. They were great with me when I did my treatment and now with my son they are just as great. My son feels comfortable going and really likes Dr. Barakat and the technicians. I have never had a bad experience here and highly recommend them."

Review Verified on 3/25/2015
"We have been very please for the quality of Barakat's professional work our daughter Claudia has been receiving, as well as for the convenience of making the treatment very affordable. And now we are ready to start soon with our son Julio's treatment. Luis Guillen."

Review Verified on 3/25/2015
"While my daughter has only had her braces for about 5-ish months so far, we are pleased with the service and professionalism of the office staff. Everything has gone smoothly thus far."

Review Verified on 3/24/2015
"I want to say want to say that my daughters chose Dr. Barakat after having started with a different Ortho. They feel very comfy w/Barakat & so we had let them switch. Also, Barakat & some other members of her staff support our family restaurant. We appreciate her & her entire office & will continue referring her to others. Amy Zarou"

Review Verified on 3/24/2015
"Dr. Barakat and staff were FANTASTIC! We went for our consultation and we left with braces! Well, my ten year old did. :) Everyone was friendly and informative and made the process simple, just how I like it. My daughter was comfortable and left with pretty teal colors on her teeth. I am thrilled we went to Dr. Barakat, we really lucked out!"

Review Verified on 3/24/2015
"As a professional working adult, I have taken many years to consider options for straightening out my otherwise perfectly healthy teeth. At my dentist's recommendation, I consulted with Dr. Barakat and her staff and with their valuable, informative, non-used-car-salesman and often personal input, I was able to make an informed decision to go ahead and get braces. I suspect it's a lot easier to go through as an adult as it would have been as a child or teenager. But Dr. Barakat's office has been nothing but professional, available, and helpful with all aspects of the process. I'm not out of the woods yet (aka I won't celebrate until these darn things are off!) but I will not hesitate to recommend Dr. Barakat's office to ANYONE considering orthodontic solutions."

Review Verified on 3/24/2015
"Dr Barakats entire practice has been nothing less than stellar. The office staff is friendly, attentive and diligent. The nurses and assistants are great at what they do and make my son feel very comfortable. Dr Barakat is a great orthodontist and I would recommend her to anyone."

Review Verified on 3/24/2015
"Dr. Barakat and her staff are AMAZING. I was a little worried about getting braces on as as adult, but the team at Barakat Orthodontics made me feel welcome from the day I walked in the door. The team is extremity friendly and Dr. Barakat is very passionate about making your smile the best that it can be. Pros: Short wait times Free Coffee Free Ice Cream Cons: You are reading this and not getting braces put on :)"

Review Verified on 3/24/2015
"Did an awesome job! Thank you!"

Review Verified on 3/23/2015
"My daughter had great experience. The doctor as well as the nurses and other employees - everyone is very friendly. Overall, the environment is kids-friendly."

Review Verified on 3/23/2015
"Excellent as always!!"

Review Verified on 3/18/2015
"Dr. Barakat and her crew are amazing! I am never anxious about visiting her because I know I am in good hands. As long as my teeth need maintenance, Dr. Barakat will be my go-to doctor."

Review Verified on 3/12/2015
"I think you all did a fabulous job. From the moment I first came in until today when I got my braces off the staff here has been nothing short of amazing. Very friendly and knowledgeable and I always felt comfortable coming here."

Review Verified on 3/10/2015
"You guys are awesome! My son's experience here has been very positive and the staff is so warm and friendly. They truly feel like family. I would recommend them to anyone in need of this service because they are truly the cream of the crop."

Review Verified on 3/10/2015
"Always a great experience! Three happy siblings with beautiful smiles thanks to Dr Barakat. Highly recommend"

Review Verified on 3/9/2015
"Everything was done fast and easy, but done right, which is what matters. My friends always said getting braces and things hurts, but I almost never felt discomfort! I am so happy that I could finally get to an orthodontist that knew how to do things the right way."

Review Verified on 3/4/2015
"Did an amazing job"

Review Verified on 2/25/2015
"I am very happy and satisfied with the service that both my kids received at Barakat Orthodontics. I am so glad I chose to come here. My kids now have a beautiful smile. Dr. Barakat and the staff are very professional and caring. They make the treatment duration seem effortless for the kids and parents. They have been very good with scheduling appointments and providing immediate care when needed. Overall I have had a wonderful experience coming to Barakat Orthodontics and would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to have beautiful smiles. Way to go Dr. Barakat and team!! You guys are an inspiration for all kids! I wish you good luck and success!! Best Regards, Shehla Arastu, PhD Scientist CytoTest"

Review Verified on 2/25/2015
"Dr. Barakat has been so great through out the time I've been here. I'm so happy with the results. My treatment included Lefort 1 and BSSO surgery so there was a lot of coordination with my oral surgeon. It was complex but they made it a smooth process. The whole office has so much positive energy that it has been a joy to be here. They made it fun and did a great job. Thanks!!"

Review Verified on 2/23/2015
"Excellent care and top notch staff! I couldn't have found a better Orthodntics treatment center. They make you feel like family and really care about their patients."

Review Verified on 2/19/2015
"You guys did amazing! I honestly thought that I would always have crooked teeth but thankfully you guys proved me wrong. Thank you for allowing me to smile without being a tad bit embarrassed. It was a long two years but it was worth it. I also appreciated how nice you guys are, it's refreshing to see nice people."

Review Verified on 2/18/2015
"Thank you guys so much for my smile! I am so exited for phase two. YAY!!!!!"

Review Verified on 2/16/2015
"The staff here are really friendly. Dr. Barakat did a fantastic job with my teeth! I'm really happy with the results from having braces for twenty months! Anyone who needs braces should come to Dr. Barakat! :)"

Review Verified on 2/9/2015
"From the begin to the end the service was great. I've actual told family and friends about the great service."

Review Verified on 2/5/2015
"Dr. Barakat's office has a very friendly atmosphere and a very welcoming staff. They make you feel really comfortable and work hard to make your teeth perfect. The tutorial videos that they showed me were very useful and informative."

Review Verified on 1/28/2015
"The staff is excellent, very professional. The end result was very good."

Review Verified on 1/21/2015
"We love Dr Barakat and her staff! So far I have one of 3 kids in braces. The experience has been great for my daughter. My second daughter is looking forward to seeing Dr Barakat when she is ready for braces. There are lots of options out there for ortho care, I drive from haymarket virginia because they truly are the best!"

Review Verified on 1/15/2015
"You guys all did an amazing job!! I really had an amazing experience here!! You did and awesome job on my teeth!! Thanks a ton. -Chloe :)"

Review Verified on 1/8/2015
"I love what Dr. Barakat did with my teeth. The atmosphere in the office is great and is always full of energy. I highly recommend Barakat Orthodontics to anybody."

Review Verified on 1/8/2015
"Barakat Orthodontics is such a great place! Everyone is so sweet and caring. Dr. Barakat is a great orthodontist!"

Review Verified on 1/7/2015
"Great experience! Great staff!"

Review Verified on 1/5/2015
"I had an excellent experience with Dr. Barakat and her team. Everyone was very professional and warm. They always took in account my concerns. I am a mom with two young children and they were always able to work their schedule to fit my needs. I am very happy with the work and the results. I would highly recommend Barakat orthodontics to anyone."

Review Verified on 12/17/2014
"I absolutely loved being a patient here because you guys were awesome. I loved visiting because you guys always made me feel so happy and upbeat about everything and I loved that."

Review Verified on 12/16/2014
"My husband was a patient of Barakat Orthodontics so it was a no brainer that our daughter would be too. She had the best experience with her braces! Dr. Barakat and her staff are so friendly and helpful! The patient appreciation events are wonderful and a great way for all the patients to get to know each other. Barakat Bucks was a great incentive to keep her motivated in taking care of her braces. Thank you so much for giving Bella such a beautiful smile! Next up...her twin brother."

Review Verified on 12/15/2014
"Both my daughters started at another practice. We switched to Dr. Barakat's office due to better prices, and more flexible and practical treatment plans. Her expertise has been excellent, proven by my daughter's smile! The staff won us over with their super friendly camaraderie, Barakat Bucks, and fun office environment. I would highly recommend this office, and have, as two of our neighbors are now clients."

Review Verified on 12/11/2014
"Daniel is my second son to have braces with Dr. Barakat. He had them put on in January 2013. Daniel had an extreme overbite, his top teeth covered his bottom teeth. He is having the braces removed December 2014. His teeth look awesome, so straight and no more overbite! The whole experience has been excellent! The whole staff is top-notched! I will highly recommend Dr. Barakat to anyone looking for an orthodontist! Thanks to all of you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

Review Verified on 12/4/2014
"I appreciate all that the Barakat Orthodontics team has done for me and my smile. The hardworking team has helped me achieve a beautiful smile with the care and love they have for their patients. I want to thank them for the past couple years and will always appreciate everything they have done for me."

Review Verified on 12/4/2014
"The service here is incomparable. Everyone here is very approachable and is open for suggestions. They do what is best for me so that I get the best result. I really like it here."

Review Verified on 12/1/2014
"I went through hard times but I keep brushing and now my braces are off. YAY VERY HAPPY. I highly recommend Dr. Barakat! She's one of the best."

Review Verified on 11/24/2014
"I got my braces for the first time in 5th grade! Almost 5 years later, the process is over and I am extremely happy! I feel more confident and Dr. Barakat helped give me a smile I'm proud of! Thank you!"

Review Verified on 11/20/2014
"Everyone was nice and caring. They always tried to help out as quickly as possible and helped you to ignore the discomfort."

Review Verified on 11/17/2014
"We had an awesome experience with Dr. Barakat! Everyone on staff was friendly and fun, putting Drew at ease during the appointments. The results are amazing in such a short time! We are grateful for the great care the team provided."

Review Verified on 11/13/2014
Reviews 379 - 420 of 576

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